Frequently Asked Questions - General

FAQs - General

Police and fire officials will have highways blocked.  This will allow our parade to move without any interference from cars or trucks and maximizes the safety of all participants.  All riders must abide by all laws and regulations.

Please refer to the list of hotels/motels and B&B on the website under "Accommodations".  There will be a designated area for tenting at the waterfront in Tent City. The cost will be $40 (tax included) -  for the weekend based on 2 people/site.

These are a series of events to test the skills of street bike riders. For example, one event has the bike being navigated through a series of pylons while the rear rider tries to place a tennis ball on the top of each pylon,  these are definitely not speed events.

We have Refuge Palace (a large tent), where many of our activities can take place regardless of the weather conditions.  The true spirit of a Biker is not dampened by Mother Nature!!

This year there will be a $15. (tax included) registration fee per biker and $15. (tax included) per passenger.

The Bikers Reunion started in 1999 as a fundraiser for cancer and as a community event celebrating the thrill of riding motorcycles.  That first event was held at the Phippen Signs shop as part of their 20th Anniversary celebrations.

Over the course of that one day event, the feedback from the public and the riders made it clear that Barry Phippen was onto something big.  The organization of the first reunion consisted of a committee of one (Barry), his wife and employees,  and a small group of volunteers.  Little did the volunteers know that they would  become the core of a new, larger committee that would host the future Bikers Reunion events.  At this point in time, it was not an annual event.

In 2004, it did become an annual event.  It was moved to a bigger venue, the New Liskeard Fair grounds and after several additions and expansions become what is known at the Bikers Reunion.  This year 2009,  the Bikers Reunion donated $75,000. to the Cancer Care Unit at Temiskaming Hospital, making the total donated to date $390,000.00.   

Thousands of bikers and non-bikers come to this family oriented event from all over North America.  We had over 5,500 bikes registered in 2009.

Yamaha Canada and the Northern Ontario dealers have generously donated a motorbike for raffle each year.  Thank you once again Yamaha for your tremendous support of the Bikers Reunion and the battle against cancer.   Marg Catt of New Liskeard was the lucky winner in 2009.

Be sure to buy your tickets - You could be the lucky winner and proceeds go to the Temiskaming Hospital Cancer Care Unit.

If you need more information, please contact Barry at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The Event has two main goals.  The first is to be a fun, family oriented weekend celebrating the sport of riding motorcycles.

The second, and equally important goal, is to be a fundraiser to help people who are battling cancer through the Temiskaming Hospital Community Cancer Care Unit.


The committee, chaired by Barry Phippen, is a group of dedicated volunteers who give a great deal of time and effort to the cause.  They share the vision of what this event can be, and give tirelessly to make the Bikers Reunion a success.

The ride is the same route each year!  It will  leave the Event Grounds 1pm.  It will head north to Hwy 11 then proceed to Temiskaming Hospital for delivery of the Care Packages to all patients and nurses. (Approximately 25 min. stop.)  We will ride south to Cobalt, back through Haileybury and New Liskeard and continue on to Earlton and looping back to New Liskeard.  The Freedom Ride is approximately 120 kms long and riders get a very scenic view of the "Beautiful North Country" and its friendly people.  THE FREEDOM RIDE ROUTE IS THE SAME EACH YEAR!!

This area will be for motorcycle and bike accessory vendors to display and sell their products. If you have inquiries about being a Vendor, please send us an email through the "Contact Us" link.

There will be washroom facilities on the reunion grounds.  There are shower facilities within close proximity for use by tenters in Tent City.  We will have the Shower Shuttle running for your convenience to get you to and from the shower areas.  Details will be available at Biker Central.

Look for the "Biker Reunion - Tickets on Sale Here" signs at many local stores and outlets.  Also watch for tickets being sold at various times at Wal-Mart, Chartrand's YIG, and Temiskaming Square.


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